How to Nowplaying on Discord

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You need

Look at the following table of Scrobblable Music Player and way. If you want to use other player, see More ways to Scrobble or google it.

Music Playerway Desktop App
Windows Media Player
YouTubeYouTube Scrobbling
Google PlayGoogle Play Music Scrobbling
SpotifySpotify and
SoundCloudSoundCloud Scrobbling
Scrobblable Music Player and way

How to Edit Settings UserScript

Download Settings UserScript from nowplaying on Discord
Install Main UserScript
Open UserScript by editor and input author.
You agree to MIT License and you are editor. So, you are author.
Input ID and API Key.
Attention to apostrophe.
Input format.
Replace artist, title, album.
e.g. 🎧title/artist > 🎧Imagine/John Lennon
DURATION_TIME is the amount of time AFTER a song has been changed until the script checks again.After DURATION_TIME has passed, the script checks every CHECK_INTERVAL seconds until a new track has been scrobbled on
For example: Let's say your DURATION_TIME is set to: 3 minutes, 30 seconds and your CHECK_INTERVAL is set to 15 seconds. The script will NOT check for a new song for 3 minutes, 30 seconds. After 3 minutes, 30 seconds, the script will check every 15 seconds until a new song has come on. For example: 3 minutes, 45 seconds; 4 minutes, 0 seconds; 4 minutes, 15 seconds.... and so on.
When the userscript can get duration of song from, update DURATION_TIME.
If you want to enforce DURATION_TIME, set 1 to ENFORCE_DURATION_TIME.
When you do not play music for 10mins, the userscript stop polling.
If you want to change polling timeout, set value to POLLING TIMEOUT.
If Windows Notepad, press Ctrl + S.

Install edited UserScript

If you use Firefox, install Greasemonkey. And, D&D edited UserScript.

If you use Chrome, install Tampermonkey. And, Add a new script > Clear textarea > D&D edited UserScript to textarea > save.

How to use